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Social Media Marketing has quickly become the large elephant in the room for many traditional business entrepreneurs, who once believed that social networking was simply a fad. It has quickly overtaken many marketing practices and today there are very few successful businesses that do not use social networking to their advantage.
The reluctance of today’s business owner to move their marketing strategies online towards social networking was once understandable, but this sentiment is quickly dying out. The traditional advertising methods like TV, radio or print models are expensive and not geared towards organic growth.
Growth is indeed the name of the game when you want to build your brand, and sharing through social networks is easily one of the best means to go about it. If your business still hasn’t gotten onboard with the program, here are just 10 signs that you should invest in social media marketing

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Investing In Social Media Marketing and building a Community Around Your Brand or Product Is Essential For Long Term Diversified Business Success.

10. Your marketing budget
Excessive overhead stuck in the older models of marketing and brand development can be a big indicator that you may need a new strategy. Social networking is very cheap and affordable, if not free and it’s a avenue that you should evaluate.
9. Customers ask for your network
If your customers continually ask how to share and join your social network, and your response is that you don’t have one, you need one right away.
8. Search results bring up social networks
When search engine results for your company name bring up Yelp, or other social network related review websites you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Get online today and link your social networks to these review websites to help your target demographic to find your company and services.
7. Lacking growth
If you find your company’s growth slowing or the growth of your revenue not exceeding your marketing budget, social media marketing is your savior.
6. Better results
If you are after better results from your marketing strategy, social media marketing experts have shown more than 80% of Americans participate daily on at least one social network.
5. Website traffic
Social marketing is one of the most effective means to boost your website traffic and increase your reach.
4. Behind the competition
It’s not easy being the leader in your market or industry segment, and it’s even harder when you aren’t on a social network. If you see your competition flourishing with their social media marketing, get into the game today and stop waiting.
3. Unknown future
Whether you like it or not social media marketing is the wave of the future, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you aren’t on a social network now and your company is relevant today, chances are it won’t be relevant tomorrow.
2. Lack of community
One of the most glaring mistakes for businesses that are not online is the lack of community and built in customer base.
1. Poor customer support
Boost your consumer confidence and increase your communication to your customers by opening a social media network. Opening up lanes of communication and boosting relations between you and your customers is the best way to organically boost your company growth.

With this knowledge how can your business afford to ignore Social Media Marketing?!

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