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social media marketing management certified master
mobile marketing certified master
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Cathy’s Story…

Since Cathy has always been a social butterfly from an early age, Social Media marketing was a natural fit. She is master certified in Social Media and Mobile marketing from two world-renowned members in the field, Jennifer Evans Cario and Jeff Hasen. She has successfully worked with organizations and businesses of all sizes and objectives to develop just the right message for their customers.
Social Media is, in a nutshell, a social platform for customers to communicate with you and other customers by expressing their opinions, sharing ideas and staying connected with your business. It is Main Street USA on a global level. The ability to connect with new customers and build loyalty with your current and future clients is invaluable. Word-of-mouth stills continue to be one of the most powerful marketing tools out there as it is generally non-biased and freely given. Everyone wants to be heard. Because of this, businesses need to understand the importance of Social Media and that it is a key element to any company’s marketing campaign.
This is what Cathy Bullard excels at. She will develop and help you understand what is needed to reach your customers. Echoing the right message to your customers at the right time is important and you will be in fabulous hands. Your Social Media presence is crucial. The biggest mistake companies can make is not having a Social Media strategy. No worries here… Cathy has you covered.

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