A little bit about Robert

Robert’s experience with computers and web technology started at a very young age; when he was only 10 years old. In his spare time, you would normally find him creating simple websites for family businesses, neighborhood shops, and even had a few personal projects of his own on occasion—all of which created a foundation of knowledge and helped mold him into who he is today.

With over ten years of professional experience in the IT field, Robert has developed a deep understanding of web technology, programming languages, graphic design, search engine optimization and more. Although Robert specializes in WordPress theme and plugin development, he also has experience and is fluent working with many web programming languages, markup languages and other CMS and eCommerce platforms.

In addition to his knowledge of web design and development, Robert also has over seven years of experience servicing and maintaining computer systems and networks for local residents and businesses; troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues, recovering lost data, providing remote desktop support, and much more. He is also a CompTIA A+ certified computer repair professional.

Robert’s Skillset

* Project management ( Apps / Web apps / Web sites )
* WordPress development ( Plugins / Themes )
* Server-side scripting ( PHP 5.x / MySQL 5.x / CRON )
* Client-side scripting ( JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX )
* Markup languages ( XML / XHTML / HTML5 )
* RESTful APIs ( Integration / Implementation )
* Web server management ( Linux / Windows )
* Producing beautiful, functional and responsive sites, apps and UIs
* Developing and maintaining WordPress themes and plugins
* Securing and maintaining WordPress websites
* Maintaining and editing content for maximum readability and SEO
* Twitter Bootstrap-based web sites and apps

Web Design & Development
Web Server Administration
JavaScript / jQuery

Contact Info

Email robert@howardsemgroup.com

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