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You probably did just fine! Now almost 2 months since Google rolled out their Mobile-friendliness algorithm as a world-wide ranking factor we are seeing evidence that a very high amount of websites that were not mobile-friendly quickly updated their websites prior to the April 21st launch. This was over-due if you ask me, because the numbers speak for themselves mobile searches are over taking desktop searches and any business that does not have a mobile-friendly site is losing out.

Did your website traffic dry up?

If your website was not mobile-friendly you most likely felt a bit of traffic and visibility drop, but the nice thing is it is not too late to change that. We have not seen complete devastation anywhere, so if you are still stressing out and panicking almost 2 months later, you can relax. Google has made it clear that once sites become mobile-friendly they will be remunerated, rewarded, they will hit the lottery (OK maybe that is a stretch) but you get the point. You can still update your website to be mobile-friendly, or better yet when was the last time your website had a full facelift.

We primarily prefer to build or overhaul sites with a new responsive design. Responsive design does not create an entirely separate mobile site, it instead serves up the very same code that your site uses but can render or respond to the devices display size (smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc) This Mobile Responsive Design is even what Google recommends. Check this out if you are wanting to verify that your site is mobile-friendly.

Some say “This will be reversed by Google!” or “This is not going to last!” well maybe so, though I do not see any evidence of this disappearing. I think this is just the beginning, and it was a great push to help companies focus more internally on their website and the USER EXPERIENCE, not to mention align more with the massive increase of mobile searches that are taking place putting their company in a better long-term position.

How Did Mobilegeddon Affect Your Company?

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