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“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.” ~Zig Ziglar

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not just about rankings or being on page 1 of the search engines, it’s about generating more clientele and revenue for your company. Studies show leads generated from organic search (inbound marketing) are more likely to transition to buyers/clients than outbound marketing tactics such as direct mail or print advertising.  It’s about understanding search engines and your target consumer showing them your value proposition, your relevance and how easy your website is to work with.

SEO Consulting with HowardSEM Group an Digital Marketing & SEO Firm

Search Engine Optimization is one of the highest ROI leaders in online and offline marketing which is something companies cannot ignore. At Howard SEM Group we understand the precarious nature of working with a new vendor and because of this, we offer month-to-month contracts for our SEO Campaigns, with added benefits for engaging in a longer term 6 or 12-month contract. We do this to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Digital Marketing is an investment into your companies future, it is not an instant gratification or quick fix.

Thanks to our Chief Search Strategist & CEO Anthony Howard you can rest assured we are always up-to-date with the search engine’s latest algorithm updates and changes (to this day we do not believe he sleeps).   We work to make sure your business website not only follows the search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo, Bing ) best practices, policies and terms for safety, but also that your website is user-friendly. After all, SEO Consulting and Internet Marketing are really all about one thing PEOPLE, if you work to understand the PEOPLE you’re trying to attract this knowledge will lead you to a successful SEO & Internet Marketing strategy.

At Howard SEM Group we offer:

  • Live  One-on-One Consulting
  • Advanced SEO Audits
  • Advanced Inbound Link Audits
  • Website Speed Tune-up
  • Customized Projects to fit your needs
  • And our popular Monthly SEO Campaigns

Our aim has been and always will be to provide long-term results that will far outlast our working relationship. Give us a call at 1-877-439-7265 and let’s discuss how we can help improve your business visibility.

We have many different types of online marketing options for you, though maybe your just looking for some quick answer to questions regarding SEO or another marketing channel, swing by and take a look at our blog…Or give us a call we’re more than happy to help and at the minimum guide you down the right path for your business needs.


Monthly SEO Campaigns

Call Today for a Custom Quote (no 2 websites are alike)

  • Our SEO Campaigns starting from $750. and up, monthly depending on many elements that we will discuss during discovery and initial analysis
  • Perfect for the long term visibility and success of your company
  • Month-to-Month Contract to ensure client satisfaction
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
SEO Consulting

$200. per hour – Private One-on-One Consulting

  • Personal Consulting by our CEO & Chief Search Strategist ~Anthony Howard
  • May be purchased in 2 hour time blocks by appointment
  • Consulting will be performed via skype video conferencing or another venue as agreed
  • In-Person One-on-One Consulting can be arranged (Client pays for travel, hotel expenses)
  • Private consulting is perfect for the company that has there own technical team but needs help with training, personalized audits, problem resolution, or just getting pointed in the right direction.
  • Private consulting is also perfect for businesses that would just like some high quality one-on-one top level guidance
Advanced SEO Audit

$1499.  Advanced SEO Audit

  •  For website that are 1000 pages or less (sites larger than 1000+ pages call for custom quote)
  • Perfect for the company that has an in-house webmaster or technical team member that can implement changes & correct issues
  • Deliverables Sent Within 21 days
Advanced Inbound Link Audit

$1199. Advanced Inbound Link Audit

  • For website that have up to 35,000 links (sites with more than 35k links call for a custom quote)
  • Perfect for ensuring a clean, healthy website or helping to recover from a search engine penalty
  • Deliverables sent within 14 days
Website Speed Tune-Up

$299. Website Speed Tune-Up

  • Perfect for website owners looking to increase their website page load speed for a higher quality visitor experience
  • Google has pointed out that website/page speed is a factor in their ranking algorithm. So with this knowledge every site owner should be considering site speed as part of their overall website health and maintenance.
  • Deliverables depend on availability & site details (generally 10-14 days depending on availability & site needs)
Extra Benefits

6 Month or 12 Month Contract

We understand working with new vendors can sometimes be nerve racking. So we offer month-to-month contracts, allowing the client the ability to stop services at any time with 30 days notice to ensure your satisfaction.

If your company feels comfortable signing a 6 or 12 month contract with Howard SEM Group we take that as a very high compliment of trust and we provide a 15%  discount benefit for signing a longer term contract!

Lets start out with a conversation to see how we can help you!


How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

We actually get this question quite a bit. Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer as every website, goals, needs, keywords, target demographic, technical issues, competition, niche, industry, product and business is different. So we perform quite a bit of initial research and analysis during the discovery period when first discussing your needs. We want to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.

We are a small, but powerful and highly skilled agency that has many years of proven results for our clients, and we are great at what we do. We are blunt, If we ever feel that we cannot provide you the success that you are looking for we will tell you during our initial assessment as we are not the right fit for everyone. We don’t work with spam sites, adult material sites, or any sites that we feel behave in an unethical manner.  We also work hard to keep our pricing based on the actual labor and not what is popular or trending. There are many pricing models in this industry and there are unfortunately many cookie cutter type SEO services being offered that are less than reputable, providing customers little to no improvement and/or getting them in trouble with the search engines. We always advise visitors when they are shopping for SEO services to use their gut (if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is)

With that said below are a few links to resources and proven authors we trust in the industry discussing what SEO services generally cost in today’s market.

We hope this helps when shopping for an SEO Firm or SEO Consultant.

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