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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

Social Media Marketing Management

Everyone that watches TV, listens to the radio, reads the newspaper or browses the web knows about Social Media or SMM. From Facebook to Twitter, to LinkedIn and Pinterest and everything in between there is no escaping it. Social media growth has been exponential over the last 5 years. Social Media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to connect with friends, family, brands and products like never before. Now with that said, the many different social media platforms provide a wonderful opportunity for companies to LISTEN to your current and future customers, and connect with NEW customers. This opportunity is invaluable for businesses with the ability to receive feedback, engage with their customers, creating strong loyalty and word of mouth marketing equaling long-term success.

Social Media Marketing Management by Howard SEM Group

At Howard SEM Group our experienced and highly skilled team of marketers know how to help you grow your brand presence and voice through compelling content creation, contests/giveaways, boost dynamic interaction and fuel social conversations, through community building and paid social advertising management. We believe it’s all about a conversation, and if you understand your target demographic and potential customer, communicate and engage with them on a regular basis and LISTEN….you will grow a loyal following and the relationships that they are built on.

We offer a variety of comprehensive SMM services like:

  • Monthly Social Media Marketing Management (where we manage your social channels allowing you to manage your company)
  • Social Media Account Profile Creation (our graphics designer and social media marketers create a visually customized voice for your brand building you a matching presence across all channels)
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Audit (our chief digital strategist and lead social marketer dive into your social campaigns analyzing what is working and what is not, all the while formulating a plan and/or improvements to guide you to success)
  • Live Private Social Media Consulting (for those that prefer the one-on-one, or that just have some questions and need guidance with their current campaigns, or direction for their social staff)

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Monthly SMM Campaigns

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  • Our monthly SMM Campaigns range from $600. – $7k monthly depending on your needs, goals and other elements that we will discuss during discovery and our initial analysis
  • Perfect for starting, growing, or engaging on the social networks with your customer target audience
  • With our monthly Social Media Marketing campaigns we manage your social sites, so that you can manage your business
  • Month-to-Month Contract to ensure client satisfaction
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
Social Media Consulting

$200. per hour – Private One-on-One Social Media Consulting

  • Live Personal Consulting by our CEO & Lead Strategist ~Anthony Howard and our Lead Social Media Marketer ~Cathy Bullard
  • May be purchased in 2 hour time blocks by appointment
  • Consulting will be performed via skype video conferencing or another venue as agreed
  • In-Person One-on-One Consulting can be arranged (Client pays for travel, hotel expenses)
  • Private consulting is perfect for the company that has there own technical and Social Media team but needs help with training, personalized audits, problem resolution, growth and engagement support, or just getting pointed in the right direction.
  • Private consulting is also perfect for businesses that would just like some high quality one-on-one top level guidance with your Social Media Marketing
Advanced SMM Audit

$899.  Advanced SMM Audit

  •  Perfect for the company that has an active Social Media Marketing campaign and would like some professional guidance and a detailed outline of strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • The Advanced SMM Audit will consist of many pages of data broken down into a detailed but understandable read. It will provide a bit of a step-by-step on how to correct and resolve issues and how to move forward creatively increasing engagement and growth within your social networks.
  • Deliverables Sent Within 14 days
Social Media Profile Creation

$599.  Social Media Profile Creation

  • Custom creation of up to 4 Social Media Profiles (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & LinkedIn) Each additional social profile set-up +add $99.
  • Custom page set-up & creation of graphics, banners, profile images, backgrounds that are relevant to your goals on social media
  • Perfect to establish your brand presence across all social media channels
  • Inquire about deliverable timeline (3-14 days depending on current needs and workload)
Extra Benefits

6 Month or 12 Month Contract

We understand working with new vendors can sometimes be nerve racking. So we offer month-to-month contracts, allowing the client the ability to stop services at any time with 30 days notice to ensure your satisfaction.

If your company feels comfortable signing a 6 or 12 month contract with Howard SEM Group we take that as a very high compliment of trust and we provide a 15%  discount benefit for signing a longer term contract!

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“Give them quality, that’s the best kind of advertising.” ~Milton Hershey

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