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Operating a business online has been a challenge for many traditional brick and mortar companies, especially businesses that lack the IT staff or structure to support a dedicated website. Operating costs of maintenance and proper security measures are often hurdles that many medium sized businesses stumble on when it comes to their online marketing.

These resource based issues have long made websites typically cost prohibitive for many service based businesses. Fortunately the advent of popular CMS platforms like WordPress has enabled many businesses to make the leap online and build their brand easily. If you are one of those businesses who wants to take their marketing strategy online, and build your brand, here’s 5 of the biggest reasons why WordPress is the best business website platform for your company.

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  1. Ease of Use

If you are comfortable using a word processor, chances are you will be comfortable writing blog posts, and creating pages that are relevant for your business. Being able to talk about your services or product is a vital part of building your business brand, and it’s made easy through the controls provided by WordPress.

  1. Superior SEO

Search engine optimization is the biggest factor that many online businesses fail to recognize, and it’s a crucial part of your online brand. WordPress excels in this facet as it’s flexible and robust enough to give you the SEO optimization to drive up your conversion rate and revenue stream. The built in SEO capability makes it easy for your business to reach a new demographic and extend your reach to new customers that might have never seen or heard about your company.

  1. Cost

WordPress is remarkably cheap to operate and maintain, given that it’s open source software. This eliminates the heavy cost of overhead and difficult software licensing that used to hinder companies in the past. Cloud technology has made installing and operating WordPress cost very little, while giving companies a superior means of building their online brand.

  1. Flexible

WordPress can serve as an ecommerce platform, landing page, squeeze page or simply a place where web visitors can learn about your company and what you are all about. Because WordPress isn’t just one thing, it’s capable of becoming whatever you need it to be for your brand. This kind of flexible marketing tool used to be something that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  1. Powerful

Due to WordPress being open source and very popular, there’s no shortage of plugins and applications that can optimize your website and give your company a truly corporate and professional image. Chances are when you need a function or your website to do something; WordPress will have the controls or features that will give you a value added bonus. If you are looking for a better way to build your online brand and extend your customer base, WordPress is the best business platform that can get the results you are after.


With all of that said you can see that we are pretty biased on what website platform we use, so much so that we offer WordPress Web Design as a stand alone service. So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, we love educating people on the flexibility and strength of WordPress!


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