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Having been a free Yahoo email account holder for as far back as I can remember, there were always some smaller issues that were able to be resolved after getting a hold of Yahoo Customer Care.

Well, those days are OVER!

As Verizon still negotiates a deal to purchase Yahoo one must seriously wonder WHY? As the search engine giant that was once great has FAILED to protect not hundreds of millions of customers but over a billion….Yes, that is over a BILLION customers with absolutely No customer care support for hacked accounts! What I see is the same old, Yahoo just doesn’t care anymore as they are selling and so be it, an old and never-ending story. You will not find a telephone number anywhere on the web. You can find limited self-help through their online web support area which is VERY limited, and beyond that Good Luck.

Oh, but there are quite a few telephone numbers out there as when Yahoo stopped caring about the security of their customers and free email users and stopped providing any sense of customer support they left a big door open for scammers from overseas to take advantage of people that are desperate to get help with their hacked and/or inaccessible accounts which in my opinion is quite ramped. These scammers want your $money$ to supposedly help fix your account, and even answer the phone as “Yahoo Customer Care”.  I do see Yahoo posts & tweets warning of these scammers, though I guess when you’re in a multibillion-dollar deal to sell that is the extent of your responsibility to your customers.

I state all of this and my personal opinions as I have first-hand knowledge, thus this small post. As today I cannot tell you how many hours I spent trying to rectify a locked out account ( free yahoo email account) due to it being hacked for a family member.  I consider myself a digital savvy person having worked in the digital marketing field for 14+ years and I was absolutely unable to find any support from Yahoo with issues not covered in there online help sections of their website.

Verizon definitely sees a higher value proposition than I do, in the marketing to the billions of Yahoo users by acquiring them and all their lack of security over the last handful of years if not longer. As in regards to the way they have protected and/or supported their customers and followers over the years in my eyes this Internet antique is OVER, with more risk than value is concerned. I personally hope that as the SEC investigation into Yahoo’s operations continue that if found at fault or negligent that they are held fully accountable.

With so much uncertainty of the direction of the company if Verizon acquires it, and the total absence and disregard of customer care and lack of security for its customers for years…I have advised family and friends to fully end their relationship with Yahoo and move their email accounts elsewhere where they might be valued, sooner rather than later. In other words, ABANDON SHIP as this dinosaur sinks.

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